AMD 300 系列晶片組各廠牌主機板亮相

AMD 新一代的 Ryzen 處理器預定今年第一季上市,目前各廠牌的主機板產品也於今年的美國消費電子展中亮相。
AMD Announces X370 Motherboards for AM4: Laying the Groundwork for Ryzen
AMD Unveils 16 AM4 Motherboards, X300 And X370 Chipsets, And 17 Full Systems
AMD Showcases High-Performance Ecosystem Ready for Ryzen and AM4 Motherboards
AMD Announces X370 Motherboards: Ryzen Approaches
AMD AM4 Motherboards For RYZEN Processors Unveiled – Powerful X370 Designs For Enthusiasts, Desktops With RYZEN Ready


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